How do you take care of your voice?

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If you are taking singing lessons, you probably are working a lot on vocal technique. Breath management, mouth & tongue posture, vowels,… Those are all very important elements when you’re a singer. But did you know that when you are “in trouble”, it will quite often not be technique that will help you get out of it?

Vocal technique is not the holy grail of voice care.


Sure, not applying functional technique can get you into trouble. If you sing with a breathy sound on a loud volume, you will very likely end up with an issue. Your pitch might be off, you might end up hoarse after the gig, maybe you’ll have a sore throat,…

Yes, fixing your technique – learning how to apply functional airflow and airpressure – can be very important to fix all that, and prevent that you get in trouble next time. But it’s important that you look beyond that.


Why did you end up singing breathy on a loud volume? Suppose that normally, you don’t do that. Maybe you’re coming down with a throat infection? That’s an easy one. But there are so much more elements that can make your voice less than happy.

When you’re a singer, the holistic approach is the best way to help your voice when she’s in trouble. And obviously, it will also help you prevent that you and your voice get into trouble.

Your voice is attached to many aspects of your body and mind, so learning how to take care of your voice inevitably comes with a lot of important questions and knowledge on your overall health and condition.



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