You are responsible for your vocal progress

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Hi there,

I admit that sometimes, as their voice teacher and vocal coach, I am quite an important person in the life of singers 😎 But frankly, I am only a shackle in the chain surrounding you, the singer. And you are right in the middle. If you want to become the best singer you can be, if you want the work with your teacher and coach to create good results, you have to hold yourself accountable.

There are many guides in the life of a singer that make up that chain: Voice teachers, vocal coaches, directors, medical professionals, your band, colleagues, friends, your partner,… They all belong to the team that supports you, and helps you work towards your goals.

But however great they might be, sometimes it’s time to move on. It’s not because they were once just what you needed, that today, they are still offering what you need right now. You change and grow. As a human being, as a singer and as an artist.

If your guides are made out of the good stuff, they will not stubbornly try to hold on to you, if you tell them that you not longer need their services. They will understand – and encourage – that bless and release is in order.



Imagine that you are in the process of looking for a new guide, for example a voice teacher, and that you are really excited about a particular someone. If this prospective teacher is made out of the good stuff, they will not stubbornly try to make you their client. They will know that they can not be the perfect voice teacher for everybody.

That means that sometimes – quite a lot of the times, actually – they are not offering exactly what you need, and you are not their ideal client. Yes, I also have a profile of an ideal client and sometimes, after the initial phone conversation or the intake session, I will tell you that I think that we shouldn’t be working together 😊 Not because I don’t like you, or because I think you’re a bad singer. I will tell you that you need something different than what I offer, and that I would do you a better service if I would refer you to a colleague that I deem to be a better fit.

And it is your responsibility to help me make that decision, when it is in order. How? By having done the hard work. By being willing to ask yourself the important questions that help you know who you are, what you want and what you need, as a singer.


Here’s an interesting exercise.

Take the time to answer these questions:

  • How would you describe yourself as a singer, today?
  • Who have been your guides on the path towards becoming the singer you are today?
  • Who are your current guides?
  • How / why did you end up with them?
  • Which particular goal(s) are they helping you reach?
  • Do you have goals that you don’t have a guide for?
  • Do you need a guide in order to reach those goals, or can you do it by yourself?
  • If you would need a guide, can you think of someone?
  • If not, what are you going to do in order to find that guide?
  • Insert your own interesting questions here…


There are so much more important questions that you could ask yourself regularly, in order to be able to create a team that will lead you to the best possible results. Even if you haven’t got team members or guides (yet), looking for the answers to these questions will help you to train much more effectively.


As always, feel free to send me your thoughts, questions, and feedback in the comments below this blog, via the contact form or in the singsing! online community ❀️

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