What are the technical requirements for me to participate in live webinars?

Dowload Zoom on your computer instead of participating via the browser and regularly check for updates, in order to make sure that you can fully enjoy the interactivity of the session. It’s also possible to participate on a smartphone / tablet, but your experience will be different, as some of the interactive features don’t work / work differently on these devices.

In case I need to hear you sing / speak: There are no complicated technical requirements like a fancy microphone and headset. For most of the people, their computer and built-in microphone are more than enough. Check out this tutorial on ‘original sound’ to make sure that I can hear your voice in the best way possible.

Try to use an ethernet cable instead of wifi, if possible. A better connection = a better experience.

When do the private lessons / coaching sessions of the Platinum Package take place?

When you buy a Platinum package, you receive 5 hours of private lessons / coaching at a discounted rate, compared to my regular rates, on top of the live webinars. These sessions take place during the 5 months of your subscription and you decide in consultation with me when that is. You can for example book 5 separate hours and spread them over 5 months, devide the hours over 3 sessions, or book one 5-hour session at the very end of the course. Although I don’t recommend the latter option 🙂

Contact me at sarah@singsing.be in order to book.

Can I book additional private lessons / coaching?

Yes, of course! I even highly recommend doing so. This is why I have created the Platinum package – see above. But you can also book additional sessions when you have subscribed for Silver, Gold or a single webinar.

Contact me at sarah@singsing.be in order to receive more information.

Can I ask questions in the discussion forum and will you reply?

Yes, you can and yes I will! Sometimes, it will not be possible for me to answer your question fully and adequately without a lesson / coaching, but I’ll always try to be as thorough as possible. I might also suggest to ask your question at the AMA webinar, so I can answer your question while the whole group benefits from the occasion.

Please, feel free to ask questions to and answer questions from your fellow participants in the forum and Facebook group. I am actively present in the forum and moderate everything.

I want to keep access to the discussion forum after my subscription has ended. Is this possible?

You only have access to the platform for the duration of your subscription. For example 3 months with a Silver subscription, 5 months with a Gold & Platinum subscription, or 2 weeks, if you have bought access to a recording of a single webinar.

If you want to ask a question / add a comment on webinars and continue to have acces to it after your subscription has ended, you can post everything in the Online Community Facebook group. Post your question / comment in the thread of the webinar preview you have just participated in / watched. You’ll find those in the Guides tab of the Facebook group. I also have posted the direct links to those threads in the info section of the recordings on the platform.

What’s the live Ask Me Anything webinar?

The title of the webinar explains it all: You can ask me anything!

The goal of this 1,5h session is for you to be able to receive an answer to the questions that have not been replied during the previous webinars, in the forum, or the singsing! online community Facebook group. This webinar is part of the Silver, Gold and Platinum package deals, but is also open for other people to attend.


  • This webinar is planned at the end of every Gold and Platinum package deal, which run 1 to 2 times per year. If you have subscribed to Silver, you can choose in which AMA session you participate, until a year after your subscription has started.
  • I will answer a selection of questions you have posted in the discussion forum and the singsing! online community Facebook group, so make sure to post them! If there’s time left, I’ll answer extra questions. Priority will be given to the questions of people who have participated in one or more webinars of the singsing! Fundamentals.
  • This webinar is planned to last 1,5 hours. However, try to reserve at least 1 hour and 45 minutes.

If you can’t attend one of the AMA sessions that are already scheduled in the shop, contact me at sarah@singsing.be to check when new sessions are about to be scheduled.

What is the VAT, added to the Silver Package and single recorded webinars?

In short: Value Added Tax. Click here for the long explanation 🙂

I have to add 21% VAT to recorded webinars. However, I don’t have to charge you VAT for live webinars. If you provide a valid EU VAT nr when purchasing a Silver Package or a single recorded webinar from outside of Spain – the location of my business, VAT is not added, due to reversed charge (B2B in Europe).

Will the recordings of the webinars I’m attending live be sold to other people?

Yes, some of the live webinars will be recorded and sold afterwards. This will always clearly be stated before the webinar, and you are welcome to switch your camera off, if you would not feel comfortable with this.

Can I watch the recordings of future webinars, if I can’t attend live?

Yes, you can! Everybody who has subscribed for Gold, Platinum or a single live webinar, wil get access to the recordings, even though you have not participated live. I do however like to know on beforehand if you have subscribed, but can’t attend, so I can prepare accordingly.

I don’t feel comfortable being recorded. Can I switch off my camera during the webinars?

Yes, you can. I strongly suggest to keep your camera on, as most of the webinars are quite interactive, but feeling comfortable enough to participate is primordial. You are responsible for switching your camera off. You can not ask me to edit you out of the recording afterwards.

In case your internet connection is not strong enough, you might switch your camera off, in order to maintain good audio quality.