Webinar n° 04 – SOS Voice Part 2 RECORDED


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How many days per year does your voice feel 100% happy, healthy and stressless, so you can sing and perform at the top of your ability with ease? Right. About one, maybe two… Probably a day when you have nothing to do. No show, no rehearsals, no recordings.

What can you do on those other days, when your voice is a bit tired, sick, unhappy or stressed? What do you have to be aware of as a singer? In this course, I offer you 3 webinars on this subject.

These are the topics we’ll discuss in Part 2 of SOS Voice:

  • Reflux
  • Voice & hormones
  • What if you have to be intubated for surgery?


  • Watch / Participate live in Webinar n° 03 – SOS Voice Part 1 (if possible).
  • The live webinar lasted 1,5 hours. The recording is edited and lasts 1 hour 18 minutes. However, it’s important that you reserve at least 1,5 hours to watch the webinar, so you have the time to execute the exercises.