Webinar n° 13 – Storytelling RECORDED


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Frankly, when you are singing, your audience doesn’t care about your technique. They came to listen to you, because they want to be touched by your story. Yes, vocal technique is very important. It gives you the freedom to sing in a versatile, creative and healthy way.

But however impressive your technique is, it is nothing more than a tool, a means to a goal. The real purpose of a singer is transferring emotions, conveying intentions, so the audience will be touched. So how do you do that?

  • How combining the methods of Konstantin Stanislavski, David Brunetti and Keith Johnstone will help you to reach your audience.
  • Context: Who? What? Where? How?
  • Active verbs
  • Annnnnnd Opening? Obstacles? Subtext? Status?
  • Can you “act” an emotion?

The live webinar lasted 1,5 hours. The recording is edited and lasts 1 hour 24 minutes. However, it’s important that you reserve at least 1,5 hours to watch the webinar, so you have the time to execute the exercises.