Terms & Conditions


All the material posted in the platform and / or broadcasted through webinars and the likes is copyright protected. You are not allowed to make recordings yourself / download the provided recordings / take screenshots and / or share anything with third persons.


By subscribing to one or more live webinars, you agree with the recording of the sessions. Breakout rooms are never recorded. These recordings can be used by Sarah Algoet to create future courses and for marketing purposes. You are always welcome to shut off your camera, so you don’t appear in the recording. You are responsible for doing so and can not ask to be removed from the recording or for the recording not to be used for the purposes as described above.

House rules

If you don’t respect the terms and conditions or act rude / impolite / disrespectful towards a member of the platform, you can be removed from the platform without discussion.


Cancelling a subscription is not possible.