When I was writing the content for the page About the Course, this paragraph came up when I wanted to explain the previous run of 2020. I didn’t keep it for that page, but I’d like to share it with you here:

I felt strongly that solidarity was in order. It was impossible for me to set a price that was “correct” during the pandemic, so I decided to work with the concept of Pay What You Can. I had faith that the people who were able to pay a decent price, would do so. And they did! By doing so, they were in solidarity with the people that couldn’t afford to pay that much. Their payment enabled me to continue to offer this course to everybody that was in need of voicework and community through voice, and not just to the happy few.

I will continue this story of solidarity by offering three scholarships for the next run, 1 per target group:

  • Professional singers
  • Professional actors
  • Beginning independent voice teachers, vocal coaches,… (active for max 3 years)

If you are 100% financially dependent on one or more of the above activities, then the pandemic has hit you hard. I would like to contribute to your career by offering you a 50% discount on the GOLD package deal.

Send your story to and I will contact you soon.

If you’re in doubt about your eligibility, please don’t hold back! If you are a professional voice user in some capacity and you are in need, feel free to send me an email.