Webinar n° 12 – Releasing the Larynx, Tongue & Jaw LIVE 2/02/2022, 19h CET


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Wednesday February 2nd 2022, 19h – 20h30 CET
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How can you deal with a tense voice, related to physical or mental stress? Mindful bodywork is essential to support your singing.

While focusing on making the fascia (connective tissues in our body) more fluid, we will release muscular and mental tensions in order to free up our voice. But it also works the other way around! By incorporating gentle vocal sounds, the release of fascia, muscles and emotions happens much faster.

We free the body in order to free the voice in order to free the mind in order to free the body in order to free the voice,…

In this course, I offer you 3 webinars on this subject.
In Part 3 of Releasing a Tense Voice, we’ll focus on the larynx, tongue and jaw.