Webinar n° 10 – SOS Voice Part 3 LIVE 19/01/2022, 19h CET


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Wednesday January 19th 2022, 19h – 20h30 CET
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How can you get your voice in shape, even though you have a cold, are tired, ill, unhappy or stressed out? What do you have to be aware of as a singer? How do you take care of your voice, when she’s in trouble? And how can you prevent that you and your voice get in trouble?

In this course, I offer you 3 webinars on this subject.
These are the topics we’ll discuss in Part 3 of SOS Voice:

  • Warming up
  • Cooling down
  • Emergency Aid

How do you functionally warm up, cool down and apply emergency aid? What should and shouldn’t you focus on? Yes, we’re also going to go deeper into SOVT’s like fricatives, humming, raspberries, straw singing, lax vox, flow ball and more! 🙂