Add-on Webinar: Microphone Technique & More by Beo Van Haver


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Buy access until July 12th 2023 to the recording of this 2 hour webinar that took place on June 27th. You will receive a solid introduction to the basics of microphone technique and everything that comes with it.

I need to give you access manually after you subscribe, so please be patient. I’ll connect you to the Zoom cloud as soon as I see your subscription… That won’t be possible in the middle of the (Spanish) night 😉

Included: Lifetime membership of the singsing! online community.

I dare to say that 50% of your sound is determined by the microphone you’re singing through, what you do with it, and everything that happens after, like equalizing, compression, reverb, delay, what the sound engineer is doing from behind the mixer,… So:

  • Do you want to learn how to use your microphone functionally?
  • Are you looking to understand the essential technicalities?
  • Do you need to know how to create a sound that suits your artistic identity?
  • Do you want to effectively communicate what you need to the sound engineer(s)?

Then this webinar is for you!

I will give you all the practical tips & tricks you need and Beo Van Haver will explain the more technical side of things.

Beo Van Haver is a well-respected Belgian sound engineer that has toured with Gabriel Rios, Arno, Arsenal, Gorki and Bløf, among others.


These topics will be covered:

Microphones & what to do with them

        • How to use your microphone functionally.
        • Dynamic & Condenser Microphones: Which one is right for your voice/genre?
        • Pick up patterns
        • Pitfalls & Don’ts

EQ, Compression & Effects

        • Equalizing: Create your own sound by working with the frequencies (LF, MF & HF)
        • Compression: What does it do to your sound? Why do we need it?
        • Reverb & Delay: What do they create? What are the possibilities?
        • Pitfalls & Don’ts

And so much more!


After this webinar, you will understand how to maximize and enhance your vocal performance:

  • You will do justice to your voice by choosing the right microphone and knowing how to use it.
  • You will have discovered the infinite possibilities of the gear you use… and the pitfalls 😉
  • You will understand how to design your personal sound.
  • You will be able to communicate to the sound engineer(s) what you want and need, during the sound check AND during the performance.


If possible, use headphones or a decent speaker to attend the webinar, as we will train your ears to hear the difference between the several techniques & settings.

If you don’t have your own gear (microphone, mixing panel, speaker,…) set up to experiment with during the webinar: The live demonstrations will make sure that you’ll learn a lot! And as you’ll receive access to the recording for 2 weeks, you’ll have enough opportunity to try everything out with our guidance. However, If you want to maximize your learning experience, make sure to set up gear, so you can experiment with everything right away! Prepare a dynamic song (from silent to loud) to play with while experimenting.