Webinar n° 14 – Ask Me Anything LIVE


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The title of the webinar explains it all: You can ask me anything!

The goal of this 1,5h session is for you to be able to receive an answer to the questions that have not been replied during the previous webinars, in the forum, or the singsing! online community Facebook group. This webinar is part of (and free for) people with a Silver, Gold and Platinum package deal, but is also open for people that have watched / participated in webinars, separate from the package deals.


  • This webinar is planned at the end of every Gold and Platinum package deal, which run 2 to 3 times per year. If you have subscribed to Silver, you can choose in which AMA session you participate, until a year after your subscription has started.
  • I will answer a selection of questions that you have posted in the discussion forum and the singsing! online community Facebook group, so make sure to post them! If there’s time left, you can ask extra questions.
  • This webinar is planned to last 1,5 hours. However, try to reserve at least 1 hour and 45 minutes.