Add-on Webinar: Tongue Tie in Singers by Jessica Luffey LIVE – June 13th, 16h CET


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In this one and a half hour webinar you will receive an introduction to how a (hidden) tongue tie can affect singers, after which there will be enough time for all your questions during the Q&A.

Included: 2 weeks access to the recording & Lifetime membership of the singsing! online community.

Do you have trouble with …

  • headaches, jaw tension, neck pain and / or fatigue after singing?
  • high notes and / or switching registers?
  • controlling and / or relaxing your tongue?


Is it difficult to …

  • get clarity of vowels, because your articulation is sometimes slow and sluggish?
  • sing with a relaxed vibrato?
  • understand descriptions of how “easy” singing is, because for you it feels like a juggling act of techniques?


Then this webinar might be the answer to your questions why certain vocal tasks are very challenging for you! Because as many as 25% of the population may have a tongue or lip tie. Did you know that these can have an effect on jaw tension, air management, anxiety, chronic pain AND vocal range, color and resonance?



In this webinar, Jessica Luffey will explain how tongue mobility affects breath management, the soft palate, vibrato and larynx placement and how you can eliminate tongue compensations. She will also take you through a quick assesment test to see whether you might have a tied tongue and /or lip. And if this might be the case, she’s able to refer you to a medical dr. close to where you live, specialised in this minor procedure with minimal recovery time.

While pursuing a career as a professional opera singer, Jessica found the world of myology and since then has used her unique set of skills and insights to bridge new ideas between the two worlds. Her extensive practical myo education includes over being trained by the world’s top myo, dental/ortho, and tongue tie experts, authors, and educationalists including Dr. Zaghi, Dr. Baxter, Dr. Micheal Gelb & associates, among others. Her expertise and work has even been featured directly in Dr. Baxter’s blog.


Here’s a testimonial of Kelley, explaining the challenges she was facing due to her tongue being tied and how solving this issue changed everything. It’s amazing how different her experience of singing is now… FREEDOM is the keyword!