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What are the technical requirements for me to take live online lessons and / or participate in live webinars?

Dowload Zoom on your computer instead of participating via the browser and regularly check for updates, in order to make sure that you can fully enjoy the interactivity of the session. It’s also possible to participate on a smartphone / tablet, but your experience will be different, as some of the interactive features don’t work / work differently on these devices.

For lessons & webinars where I need to hear your voice clearly: You don’t necessarily need a fancy microphone or other equipment. Most of the times, your computer and built-in microphone are more than enough. However, there are a few technical requirements that will make sure I can hear your voice and work with you in the best way possible. Click here for a step-by-step guide. Please, make sure you arrange this well before your lesson!

Of course, if you have an external microphone and audio interface, let’s use that! The sound-experience will be top-notch. Click here for the set-up and settings of one of my clients that works really well, which might serve you as a guide.

Are live webinars and lessons recorded and do these recordings become available to watch?

Most of the live webinars are recorded and become part of the Library (max 2 weeks after the live webinar). As a Library member, you automatically have access to the recordings of all the webinars I have ever created, included those led by guest teachers.

If you subscribe to a live webinar that I record, you don’t automatically receive access to the recording. However, you do receive a 10% discount for your first Library subscription billing cycle, to not only have access to the recording of the webinar you subscribed to, but the entire Library.

  • Monthly subscription = You receive a 10% discount for your first month.
  • 6-Monthly subscription = You receive a 10% discount for your first 6 months.

I never record private lessons nor Solo Group lessons myself, but you will receive permission to record your own personal sessions. You are not allowed to share any recordings with third parties.

Can I receive access to the recordings of live webinars, if I can’t attend live?

First of all, the live webinars are always very interactive, tailored to the needs of the participants and include a big Q&A session. So it’s really worth it to attend live!

However, if you really can’t attend the webinar live, you will be able to access the recording by subscribing to the Library. This subscription will also give you access to the recordings of all the webinars I have ever created, included those led by guest teachers.

I don’t feel comfortable being recorded. Can I switch off my camera during the webinars?

You are welcome to switch your camera off as feeling comfortable enough to participate is primordial. For some webinars, it’s even possible to participate anonymously. You are responsible for switching your camera off and editing your screen name. You can not ask me to edit you out of the recording afterwards.

If you have no issue with turning the camera on, I strongly suggest to do so, as most of the webinars are quite interactive.

What is the VAT, added to the Library?

In short: Value Added Tax. Click here for the long explanation 🙂

I have to add 21% VAT to recorded webinars. However, I don’t have to charge you VAT for live lessons and webinars. If you have a European business and provide a valid EU VAT nr when purchasing a Library subscription from outside of Spain – the location of my business, VAT will not added, due to reversed charge (B2B in Europe).

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